And for a Friday of the Vigilance Awareness Week initiated across India to fight Corruption…. some thoughts….

As in a Corporate Think Tank Workshop, if a Root Cause Analysis done for “Why is India still poor”, the uncontested, unanimous result is Cancer of CORRUPTION.

Kindly recall the scathing observations of the Honourable Supreme Court of India delivering the Jayalalitha judgement in Feb this year.

“Corruption is a vice of insatiable avarice for Self-aggrandisement by the unscrupulous, taking advantage of the Power and Authority backed by miniatory loyalists. This pernicious menace stemming from Moral debasement of the culpables, forges an unfair advantage of the honest over the principled. This has a demoralising bearing on those who are Ethical, Honest, Upright and Enterprising”

Various measures are bearing fruits, slowly but surely. IT Dept has launched “Clean Money Operations” and more than 18 lakh people identified with excess deposits in banks; 2,24,000 shell companies struck off records and 3,09,000 Board Directors of these companies disqualified.

Much has been done but Cancer of Corruption is too deep rooted and much more needs to be done. SEEGOS is a platform for every Indian to partake in Nation Building based on their individual capacity, commitment and National pride. Details on for all.