And for a Friday after the Round Table on SDGs with the German Ambassador, some thoughts….. some musings…..

With HE Ambassador Walter J. Lindner, the new Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany

HE Ambassador Walter Lindner, in his first trip to Mumbai, chaired a special Round Table discussion on SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals. Agreed by the G-21 and ratified by more than 140 national Leaders, to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren, these Goals are even more relevant to India at this stage of our attempt to move more than 100 million of our fellow poor Indians out of Poverty. To me the main Goal is the fight against CORRUPTION. Emphasis is on promoting transparency, accountability and strengthening Institutions to enable better Governance.

Corruption is of different hues and tenors – Collaborative corruption and Coercive Corruption. Very simply put the “Giver” and “Taker” are benefited in collaborative corruption while the poor, the honest and our Country loses out. Very little can be done. Our attitude must change – not easy!!! Coercive corruption is when unequal have to transact. A retired school teacher to get her Pension after serving 30 years faced with the education Dept Babus “demand” or a poor Driver awaiting his Driving licence renewal faced with a “demand” at the RTO, is all coercive corruption. There are no swift solutions but technology can help. Civil society awareness and continuous activism is a must. Each one of us must fight the “Saanu ki”, “what’s in it for me” attitude and support the poor to navigate as well as help the lower middle class to move up.

Let’s all understand the importance of SDGs and commit our role into it, the ethical way, the accountable way, the SEEGOS way.