And for a Friday in Mumbai to attend a Bilalumini Get together, some thoughts….. some musings…..

A formidable workforce. Courtesy

Lots have been written and discussed about India’s young population as a Demographic advantage. An equally powerful group is the Retirees Group. Today lots of Professionals opt for early Retirement. An independent research study by HSBC “Future of Retirement; Healthy New Beginnings” reveals that 61% of India’s working population aged 45 plus want to retire within next 5 years to pursue their own passions and be in their selected zones of Skills and Competencies. Opportunities are immense. Even those who retire at 60 are still in their peak of Professional Expertise. All one needs is a competent Platform which matches the skill sets on offer to those who need. Bilalumini of former BASF Employees endeavours to be just that.

More than 95% of India’s MSME sector is Micro Enterprises with less than 10 employees. Tremendous productivity improvement can be made by appropriate Skill Development and Vocational training. Opportunities are immense in Sustainable Social Businesses(SSB), a hybrid phenomenon which meets the Social purposes traditionally associated with NGOs with Economic purposes and Market oriented systems of “For-Profit” organisations. Sustainable Social Business ofcourse has to be Profitable, but does not look for Profiteering. Objective is to solve a Social or Ecological problem with a Business Solution. Be it in Agriculture, Waste Management, Drinking Water, Energy, Food, Education, Tourism etc. The scope is vast.

Let’s build on the strength of the Retirees and senior citizens. Let’s build our nation on Ethical framework, the legal way, the sustainable way, the SEEGOS way.