And for a Friday after the much awaited COVID Jab, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Apollo Hospital, opposite IIM Bangalore – spotlessly clean, world class…..

The sense of pride and self-aggrandisement I felt as an Indian on the appointed day of my Vaccine Jab is immeasurable. Here we were at the very cosy airconditioned lounge of the Apollo Hospital in Bangalore, immaculately clean, pristine, absolutely world class medical standards. Was accompanied by a staff to a computer terminal with my Aadhar card, an OTP received, entered and presto!! a UIN created. Returning to the lounge, the wife has already finished the jab and in animated discussion in Malayalam with this very smart Nurse. Turns out she is from Pathanamthitta, the headquarters for the most reputed and dedicated nurses around the World. Within next 40 seconds, one tiny needle jab and done!!! The whole process from arrival, registration and Jab over in 10 minutes. Relaxed for 20 minutes before we were seen off with Jab certificates in hand. Now shielded with Covishield, 4 to 6 weeks we need to be back to complete the shielding with the second dose of India made Vaccine. The Indian Vaccination campaign, largest in the world, with abundant supply as on date and unique digitally managed logistics, is an achievement every Indian can be deservedly proud of.

Decades later when the history of this Black swan pandemic is written, in my view two Politicians will outclass every other in the world, Prime Minister Modi and Chemistry teacher KK Shailaja – Kerala Health Minister. Maybe management institutes can develop case studies on their leadership styles, managerial competencies, strategic thinking , vision, communications and interpersonal skills, conflict management, customer focus (voters), achieving set goals etc. etc. So much of common competencies in the two, but, what contrasting political beliefs. That’s the strength of India in every field of endeavour. Every crisis and challenge will throw up a leader with competencies to match the challenges.

Let’s us be extra vigilant. COVID is striking back. We have to hit back with vaccination plus continued precautions – avoiding crowds, masking, hand washing and safe distancing. Let us all support the vaccination campaign the fullest way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.