And for a Friday after the first flight in a forgettable COVID year gone by, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Face masks and Face shields are compulsory for the Entire duration of flight…….

Taking the flight after such a long break, almost one full year, felt as exciting as my first flight almost 50 years ago. Must say the COVID precautions were exemplary before even entering the Bangalore Airport gate. You stood in front of a Scanner machine, without touch, laser screened the body and cleared each passenger for body temperature and some other parameters. Security was contactless – print your baggage tags and boarding pass, .dropped baggage and moved into a comfortable lounge with hot snacks and beverages. No PET bottles anywhere in the Airport. Vistara Business Class is the closest to the vintage Jet Airways luxury domestic travel of the good old days. Apart from masks they provide a face shield that every passenger must wear for the entire flight. The staff are well trained, gives enough confidence that everything is under control. As passengers, it’s very reassuring.

All said and done, Mumbai is Mumbai. For every Mumbaikar, only when you are forced to stay out of Mumbai you realise how much you miss this city like I do. Lots of work on infrastructure. The coastal road project is progressing pretty fast. Looking out of my Malabar Hill apartment I can see the Nepeansea Road end. Understand from here, the coastal road will be built underground to emerge at Chowpathy. The visuals of the completed project look awesome. Cuffe Parade Metro terminal is another great emerging landmark. Mumbai connectivity will be world class once these projects are all completed. Ofcourse, talk of the town is the spat between MPC and MHM. Who is right and who is wrong. I don’t know. But to me, Tukaram Omble the Police officer who single handedly with just his “Lathi” fought with AK-47 armed terrorist Ajmal Kasab and caught him alive. That’s the spirit of Mumbai Police that I like and I support.

No matter how the Mumbai political drama ends, let us all support the development of Mumbai infrastructure. Some short term hardships for sure. But let us resolve for this great city, the Mumbaikar way, the passionate way, the SEEGOS way.