And for a Friday after an accident in a Chemical factory in Vizag….. very sad in the midst of COVID-19….. some thoughts….. some concerns……

Accident at LG Chemicals factory at Vizag

Early yesterday morning there was an accident in a factory preparing to commence production (after the lockdown) of chemicals needed by packaging and other critical industries. Most unfortunately, the gaseous vapours escaping from the factory has killed 11 people and many are in hospitals under treatment. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. The CM and top Govt officials have already visited the site. District Administration and Industry associations are all working together to help every citizen, particularly compounded as it also near a COVID-19 Red zone. Whilst Civil Society is doing a commendable job, the role of some TV media Anchors is most despicable. Instead of reporting news and giving unbiased information, they have taken on themselves the role of investigator, knowledge specialist and already pronounced judgement – arrest the MD, cancel Licence, stop MNCs exploiting India etc. etc. – sitting in the comforts of their airconditioned studios, with half baked reporters spreading fear and sensationalism. Freedom of press is important, but not abuse of freedom to pronounce media judgement even before any detailed RCA (Root cause Analysis) is done. I hope these headstrong anchors have some sense put into them by those in Power over them, especially during these extraordinary COVID times.

Easy to fabricate kiosks. Saves Health Workers and reduces cost of taking Tests

Into the second month of Lockdown across the country, we are a mixed bag. Some states are still struggling. Many Indians are stranded across the world and in different parts of the countries whilst some migrant labourers have returned home by special “Shramik” trains. Others are still anxiously awaiting. But one state that has undoubtedly been far ahead is Kerala. ICMR has lauded the State for its “unparalleled” Containment and Testing Strategies. Since May 1, Kerala appears to have finally hammered the COVID-19 curve flat. Not a single new case reported in the state. We all hope and pray it stays that way.

The COVID-19 challenge is nowhere near solution. We all have to doubly resolve to keep our antenna up. Let’s be vigilant, be safe, the empathy way, the caring way, the SEEGOS way.