And for a Friday awaiting the gradual easing from next week of the strictest Lockdown in the World, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Indian Railways creates History – Anaconda, 2 km long Freight train during lockdown

In most Webinars that I attended last one month with Global participants, none could believe the Indian COVID-19 Statistics. India has till now managed the Pandemic far better than most developed countries. Lots to do with the special circumstances in India. Not just the demographics. Rural India has more than 55% of the country’s population. Though Agriculture is only 19% of GDP, it gives unique advantages to the country. With a record production of 292 million tonnes of food grain, Rabi harvesting is being completed in most parts of the country. Rural India is fairly insulated. Agricultural operations are getting increasingly modernised. Indian Railways have moved essential goods including fertilisers and Agri products across the country. “Anaconda” created history with 2 kms long freight train with 177 wagons moved by three Engines using latest DPCS technology.

Entering the 40th day of the lockdown has not been easy. It’s hard for all. But the most suffering are the “skilled” labour class, the domestic helpers, masseurs, barbers, Gardeners, security staff, car washing boys, newspaper delivery boys etc. etc. Spare some thoughts and concerns for them. With salaries of 7-12 thousand, they made good with tips for their services. With lockdown, March was half salary and April no salary. I checked my barber in Mumbai at Carmicheal road – Wasimbhai. His family in UP needs some urgent help and Raj Kumar in Bangalore stays in Red zone. He cannot come out of locality. To each of them and some others, I am making NEFT transfer to tide over the cash crunch till they can start earning again. They have their egos and self esteem (after all skilled workers). So respecting that, I have agreed it’s a loan to be repaid to me whenever they can.

This Pandemic is a “Black Swan” of humongous proportions. Nobody knows the tomorrow. But let us be human and humane. Let each one of us draw up list of minimum five people known to us and help their families, the empathy way, the loving way, the SEEGOS way.