And for a Friday in Trivandrum after the historic Ayodhya judgement, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Hindus and Muslims rejoiced at the Verdict in Ayodhya…..

Imagine life a full circle. In 1528 Mir Baqi, Babur’s Army General built the Babri Masjid. In 1542, in compensation Mughal Emperor Akbar built the Ram Chabutra (platform) where the Idol of Lord Ram remains established. The Babri Masjid-Ram Temple is India’s most politicised controversies of the century. A very large number of Knotty legal questions, the most important being the legal status of the birth place of Lord Rama. This has been a historical judgement meeting most aspirations of all litigants and showing a positive way forward. The disputed 2.67 acres is awarded to build the Rama Temple and 5 acres in Ayodhya to build the Mosque. Hats off to the Supreme Court for finally settling the most vexing issue, once and for all.

India is so complex, so Diverse, where all religions of the World exist peacefully. With 23 Plus languages with innumerable dialects, with completely different Social norms, behaviours, cuisine – any aspect that can divide a human race, exists in India. Yet we are one Republic, one Nation. In seventy years, our Constitution has weathered many storms. Each time we have come out a better and stronger Democracy. We may still be a Developing Nation, but this Ayodhya judgement and the peaceful acceptance by all sections of our Society exemplifies the Nation’s character and strength.

Let us all support the building of the Temple and the Mosque in Ayodhya, the together way, the “caring-for-each-other” way, the SEEGOS way.