And for a Friday, strictly abiding the COVID-19 curfew and WFH, some thoughts….. some assurances…..

Kerala – Oldest COVID-19 affected couple. He is 93 and she is 88, with complications of diabetes and hypertension. Both fully recovered…. Happy Homecoming…..

A Chemist by qualification, having worked for decades in the Worlds largest Chemical company, I am in harmony with Chemicals found in Nature and synthesised, preaching and practicing sustainable use of chemicals for a healthy modern life. COVID-19 is upon us. Prevention is the best bet – physical distance of minimum one metre, masks at all times outside the house and on return wash hands with Soap and water as many times as possible. Soaps are sodium salts of fatty acids obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of Fats. In addition, Coconut oil is the natural and best antidote, very common in every Mallu house – from food to body massage. Safe and best to put in Nostrils and gargle with warm water. Stay happy. Stay safe.

India is pulling out all stops to prepare and fight this Pandemic. Kerala has been included in the WHO Multi country trials and SCTIMST Hospital will conduct convalescent plasma therapy, will test Cuban immunotherapy drug Interferon alpha and a host of new products. Indian Railways have already converted 5000 coaches into 40,000 hospital beds to move urgently to COVID19 hotspots as and when required. Already experience gained and documented on blocking an entire district, checking every citizen, taking over every hospital Govt and private and every hotel in district to quarantine. The most successful combined operation, The BHILWARA MODEL, is now the S.O.P. for India. As on date all 26 COVID-19 patients in the district cured and now district is opened to life as normal.

When crisis strikes, when pushed to the wall, Indians are at their best. Let’s all together prove to the world that we will fight COVID-19, the united way, the caring way, the SEEGOS way.