And for the Friday after landing in “Hamara Bharat” from the US of A…. some thoughts….

return-to-indiaWhatever it is, returning to my Own Country – Incredible India, after a month long tour feels fantastic, liberated, must say arrival experience at Indian Airports has substantially changed for the better!!

India now has more than 80 Airports with commercial flights. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi are privately managed and absolutely world class. Delhi handles 56 Mn, Mumbai 45 Mn, Bangalore 25 Mn and still growing month on month.

The irritating disembarkation cards are no longer needed. Immigration Counters are spruced up, staff are definitely trained and seem more pleasant…. and you are out within minutes.

Baggage allowance from US is liberal. Two suitcases of 70 pounds each and for Jet platinum Members, additional one more suitcase. That’s a lot of carrying capacity, for US returnees with all Nordstrom, Macy’s, Under Armour, purchased goodies.

No longer any need to buy the liquor bottles in Duty free shops abroad, lugging the weight and keeping the bottles safe. All that was a real pain; now you can buy at the arrival lounge just before exiting. Convenient and almost same dollar prices!!

The biggest change is the Customs, very citizen friendly. Gone are the days when a uniformed customs guy asked every alternate passenger to go to the Red lane, open every suitcase and harass passengers till a settlement is reached. Corruption has substantially reduced at the Airports.

India is changing for the better. But if each one of us supports Nation Building in our own little ways, the process can be speeded up. Let’s build a Corruption free India…. the Legal way…. the SEEGOS way.