And for another Friday with rumours that the Passports in India will be in Hindi with English translation….. some thoughts…..

languageI wonder why we are raking up this controversial issue when we now have a fine, delicately poised but working 3 language Formula across most of India.

Language is an emotive issue across the world, so strongly linked with Culture and Social Identities. But India is Unique. Post Independence, we split into States based on Language as an identity…. Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujrati, Assamese etc. etc. and promised no language will be hoisted on one another. That’s the genesis of the 3 language Formula.

The Argument that Russia has Russian, Germany has German and Japan has Japenese is also not tenable. In these countries 95{aff5a224634bf574f692c8c7d068a0713fecca4ea38a30d3005107227dbb12e7} plus speak their language. Chaste Hindi is native to only 30{aff5a224634bf574f692c8c7d068a0713fecca4ea38a30d3005107227dbb12e7} of Indians.

I recollect, a lot of us were deeply involved with a major initiative by my Friend Micheal Steiner, then German Ambassador to India to teach German as a third language….. it was hugely popular. We trained Teachers and send them to Germany. Kids loved to opt for German in Kendriya Vidyalayas. Alas, now to be scrapped and Sanskrit to be forced on as third language.

In today’s Globally linked world, we need to focus on Education which makes our Youth employable. Let us focus on imparting Employable skills and not waste efforts on divisive tactics.

I really appreciate the initiative under the National Skilling Eco system to train rural youth in specialised skills like Gardening, Cooking, child care, Elderly care and run certificate courses with Basic Computers and English Language….. making them Employable across India and the World.

Let not some official or Politician sitting in Delhi decide what our children should learn. Let their competencies and skills be enhanced to face the challenges and avail the opportunities. Let’s build a strong India…. the Ethical way…. the SEEGOS way.