And for the first Friday of the New Year, returning from Luxurious by Nature Coorg Wilderness Resorts, some thoughts….. some hopes…..

Most modern Manufacturing facility of Serum Institute of India.
Equipment, raw materials and processes are better or as good as the Best in the World.
Poonawallas risked investment of 3000 crores in capacity expansion for COVID vaccine

There’s something special about the calmness of heights. In the Cool Coffee country in Madikeri, in more than 45 acres of lush Greenery, is this lovely quaint very well managed Resort fully compliant with COVID safety norms, Victorian style furnishings and spacious private Chalets set in harmony with Nature. After being locked up in confined spaces for months, it felt great to be in openness and one with Nature and Wilderness. Hopefully the Global agreements on Climate change will be back on centre stage and we all can contribute to preserve Nature at its best.

The New Year starts with a bang and good news. Based on the approval by MHRA (The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency ) yesterday, UK Govt. has authorised the Emergency use of Oxford Astra Zeneca’s Covishield Vaccine. This is THE mainstay of India’s vaccination programme too. Indian authorities, including the SEC ( Subject Expert Committee), the Drug Controller, etc. etc. will shortly clear the Vaccine for use in India. Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest manufacturers of all types of vaccines, holds the license to manufacture this product in India. Thanks to the philanthropic and entrepreneurial spirit of the Poonawallas, the owners of Serum Institute, they have already stockpiled more than 50 million shots and can quickly ramp up production at its modern, capacity expanded plants. CEO, Adar Poonawalla has confirmed that priority will be for India followed by Covax alliance poorer countries and Africa.

At a price range of 300-350 Rs. per shot, two shots per person, Covishield is immensely affordable. Let’s all support and ensure success of this gigantic task of vaccinating fellow Indians, South Asians and poorer African countries, the orderly way, the scientific way, the SEEGOS way.