And for the last Friday of 2020, a year best termed a “Black Elephant”, some thoughts….. some musings…..

All corporate events are online – AGMs, Board etc. with Cisco WebEx, Zoom etc.

2020, the Wuhan Virus Year, described by Environmentalist Adam Sweiden as a cross between “Black Swan” and “The Elephant in the Room” year. A rare, almost no probability event, unanticipated but with enormous ramifications to our Economy. Elephant in the room, a problem widely visible, but no one really has all the answers, challenges galore and also the most unfortunate and saddening reality of Death. As on date 1,46,756 fellow citizens died. Each of us has by now known of someone close who was bereaved. Just yesterday Kerala lost Padmashri Teacher Sugatha Kumari to COVID. Let us all join the families in prayers for those departed and an applause for the front line workers who have served the nation almost the entire 2020 without a break.

India has defied the major catastrophic predictions made in April-May when the Pandemic hit us hard. Then the “so-called -experts” said millions in India will be dead by mid year. Horrific theories were propounded. All Indians rose to the challenges as One. We peaked in September and since then it’s been a steady decline. Our Economy is readjusting. RBI has confirmed “India is pulling out of COVID-19’s deep abyss and is reflating at a pace that beats most predictions” and into the New Year, we definitely will have the Vaccines on board. Already three India made Vaccines are awaiting approval. Serum Institute – Covishield; Bharat Biotech – Covaxin and Zydus – ZyCov-D. We don’t need Pfizer – BioN Tech US vaccine. Super costly and impossible in India temperature requirements. GOI has in place a digital platform Co-WIN to manage the already set up 29,000 cold storages in India. All stocks and temperatures at these centres will be monitored on line. 1,54,000 nurses are being readied to vaccinate the priority list – 10 mn Health workers, then Police, Soldiers, Municipal staff, all front line workers, those above 65 etc. etc. Master plan is already in place and getting updated as per feedback.

As we end this “Black Elephant” year, let us resolve to continue to be careful with masking, safe distancing and hand washing. Here’s wishing all my colleagues, friends, relatives and well wishers, Merry Christmas and Happy 2021, the loving way, the careful way, the SEEGOS way.