And for a Friday after Vaccine purchase and distribution has been course corrected, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Pfizer vaccine will shortly be available @ prices lowest anywhere in the world. Highest in Europe.

Thanks to Justice Chandrachud advising the Govt. to smell the coffee, the most ridiculous idea of each State trying to purchase and procure from domestic and international sources has been reversed. Now vaccination for all age groups of 18+ will be free, procured by the Central Govt and administered by State Govts. There is also rightly an important role for the private hospitals and Corporate Sector. 25% of production will be given to the Private sector. Selling prices of each of the currently available vaccines have been fixed at Covishield 600 rs ; Covaxin 1200 ; SputnikV 965 . At the hospitals the jabbing rate is also fixed at 150 rs. But off-campus large residential / corporate Camps and venues involving extra costs will vary as per circumstances. Overall this is a much better system. Hopefully we will now reach our target of full adult vaccination. The fastest, by end of the year is the Goal Post.

As our country is slowly recovering from the huge second wave, experts warn us of possible third wave. This time we must not be caught off guard again. The lessons of the first and second wave must be learnt and course corrections made. All contingency plans under different scenarios must be worked out to finest detail. Civil societies must be alert to identify the small but impactful Corrupt Politico-Babudom nexus who clandestinely made blood money by exploiting the helplessness of the COVID impacted families. Name and shame them.…. How?? Bouquets to the majority who toiled to save lives. Zydus Cadilla is testing DNA based vaccines on more than 1000 kids in 40 centres. Clinical trials are also undertaken by Bharat Biotech at the Pediatrics hospitals including the oldest in India – MMCRI in three stages. First, kids 12-18 years, second, 6-12 years and finally 2-6 years. Hopefully all will be completed and India will start kids vaccination once approved by WHO. Let’s pray full normal schools will commence from 2022 academic year.

We all have paid a huge price by the second wave – lost many near and dear ones and millions are jobless. Let’s resolve to help each other recover to the best extent to put our Economy back on track, the caring way, the empathy way, the SEEGOS way.