abusive-drugsAnd for a Rainy Monsoon Friday… some thoughts…

Another Movie with a big Impact I watched – Udta Punjab…….on Drug Abuse.

Knowing Punjab as well as I do, having travelled every District in Punjab, I sure can vouch for the severity of the Problem. It’s really more like a Documentary rather than a Movie, worth watching and contemplating.

Can we allow such abject degradation of our youth? The demographic advantage we claim, can become a huge disaster. Thanks to the verdict of the Bombay High Court, else we could never have seen such a truthfully made movie; the Censor Board was banning it. Another archaic law used to stifle Transparency and Information – the Cinematograph Act of 1952, which is an amended version of the Original act of 1918.

In today’s age of social media what purpose does the Censor Board serve? It’s ridiculous to imagine only Cinemas as affecting the moral fibre. The most dangerous and potent destructive combination is Drugs, Pornography and easy money leading to Sexual Abuse and Crime against Women and weaker sections.

The Movie is set in Punjab, but the problem is PAN INDIA. A recent survey by RESCUE, an NGO has shown, in Chennai over 3 lakh students watch Rape videos every single day. Just in one city, 84{aff5a224634bf574f692c8c7d068a0713fecca4ea38a30d3005107227dbb12e7} of these get addicted to Porn along with Drugs, a sure recipe for destruction of our country.

Udta Punjab shows only the tip of the Iceberg, problem is hugely bigger, need for all of us to go back to basics.

Bring Moral Science to Schools; bring the Values and Ethics to our youngsters the SEEGOS way.