transparency_messageSome thoughts from Poll bound Thiruvanthapuram.

I do not understand politics at all. My expertise as a professional, is in the limited area of managing Capital, as a Trustee, for Sustainable Development. Therefore, I find it rather presumptuous that some of us seem to know enough to advise what Mr Oomen Chandy or the PM should do. But individually we do not move out of our Comfort Zones.

Sustainable Development can only be achieved when the growth of the Economy is in harmony with the Ecology and Society.

The reported success of Kozhikode District Collector is a fine example of use of Technology for Transparency and Development. He cut Red Tape and bureaucracy
by personally using his Facebook page to inform, involve and get feedback from more than 2 lakh citizens in Kozhikode.

Crowd Sourcing for the poor, a meal coupon scheme where the wealthy donated coupons which the very poor could produce in restaurants for good food, nobody goes

Technology for Transparency to fight Corruption.

Let us help build our Nation the SEEGOS way.