social-mediaA Friday in Mumbai, some thoughts…

I am really impressed with my meeting with young teenagers who are volunteering for SEEGOS. Undergraduates, Management Trainees as also successful professionals who are so adept at multitasking, work hard at jobs and combine with social service.

Technology and Social Media help, but as always, it can be for progress and growth or sadly misused for nefarious activities and crime.

The world is so interconnected and the developed democracies are so protective of individual rights and freedom that Indians must accept the changing social norms regarding sexual behaviour and reactions.

I feel so sad for that the young lady in Salem who killed herself, as some miscreant had morphed her Facebook pictures.

In spite of Police complaint, it took a few days before the offensive pictures were taken off officially by Facebook, by then it was too late, nobody could help.

Social media companies are not subjected to Indian laws and pornographic material is now so easily and freely accessible.

More than our teenagers, I now worry of our TWEENS. Parents must start sex education early and protect the innocence of our 10, 11 and 12 year-olds.

We have to be a value based ethical society, imbibing all the good of the technologies and cultures, practises of the world and help build our nation the SEEGOS way….