And for a Friday after the historic judgement of Supreme Court on Aadhar….. some thoughts…..

Let us all be aware that the Unique Individual Identification based on multiple bio-metrics like IRIS (Eye images), finger prints, face photo and successfully completing without errors for 99.8 % of India’s population of 1.2 billion people is a worldwide achievement. Never ever has any country attempted anything like this anytime. G-7 leaders were in awe of India when informed of the sheer size and scale of the worlds most ambitious and successful UID scheme.

The Supreme Court in its judgement running into 1500 pages and after hearing arguments from some of the best legal minds in the World for 38 days, has upheld the Constitutional validity of Aadhar. Nandan Nilekani the original brains behind the Aadhar Concept complementing the SC says the message is all about “Balance”, “Purpose”, “Proportionality” and “Regulation”. The type of Relationship that Institutions of Power must have with common people is not with “suspicion” or “Exclusion” mindset but with an “inclusive” mindset.

Finally it is best for you and me. Every one of us must keep our Aadhar. We do NOT have to link to our Bank accounts or Mobile phones. Thus for the common citizens there is no harassment. Section 33(2) has been struck down. Now low level Babus cannot insist on Aadhar for any and all citizens rightful services. Example – at the demise of my very dear 89 years old relative, was almost refused cremation at the electric crematorium unless we produced her Aadhar card. Hats off to the Supreme Court in restoring the citizens privacy and rights, yet maintaining Aadhar as an enabler for all subsidies of the Govt and PAN card linkage to sieve all those crooks with multiple PAN numbers.

Let us all salute the pioneers who helped build Aadhar. Let us support Nation building, the legal way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.