And for a Friday in Rainy Mumbai returning from Hyderabad….. start of Pro Kabbadi League….. some thoughts…..

Byju Raveendran (top right) with sports and movie icons

Pro Kabaddi now in season 7, similar to it’s big brother IPL Cricket, has a heady mix of Film and Sports personalities. Each sports icon and Bollywood Star rakes in Crores of rupees in Sponsorship and advertisements, raising the moral question – is an icon responsible when the company/Product he/she promotes is in the “Docks” like Dhoni’s sponsorship company Rhiti Sports and Amrapali Group. Supreme Court has ordered that home buyers who were cheated by the Amrapali Group will get “Financial creditor status” under I B C. Hopefully some Relief to the harassed Apartment buyers and stringent punishments to the cheaters. Question is – what is the responsibility of the icon?

On a different note is the sponsorship and jersey rights of the Indian World Cup Cricket Team. Chinese mobile maker, Oppo won the rights paying a staggering Rs. 1079 crores for 5 years. Now that the World Cup is over, they are backing out. Reason – acquiring value is extremely high and unsustainable. Byju Raveendran of Byju Learning App is rumoured to take over from them, raising the question – can our National Cricket Team representing the Country honours be allowed to wear Chinese company logos? Can maximising revenue be the sole objective for BCCI. Why can’t suitable criteria be defined promoting equitable returns to all stakeholders.

As a young, Vibrant, Internet Democracy, sports has a major role in shaping our National character. May our Sports Icons help improve our Ethical Standards and develop a Sporting Spirit. Let us all support Nation building, the Sporty way, the Transparent way, the SEEGOS way.