And for a Friday after the landmark Padmanabhaswamy Temple judgement of the Supreme Court, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Amicus curiae Sr. Counsel Gopal Subramaniam, former Solicitor General of India
with the Royal family – SC has acknowledged his yeomen service in the case.

Monday 13th July will be unforgettable in Kerala’s and India’s temple history. On this date, Supreme Court overturned the 2011 judgement of Kerala High Court and restored the right of Royal Family of Travancore to manage and administer the affairs of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvanthapuram i.e. Shebiatship of the worlds richest Temple. The Royalty of Travancore are unbelievably humble, minimalistic and extremely gracious. From the beginning of the case, they have maintained an unequivocal stand that Padmanabhaswamy is a Public Temple and the Royalty make no claim in owning the Temple or its treasures. The family was only seeking its right as a Trustee of the Temple to manage and ensure that centuries old Hindu traditions and rituals are meticulously followed. They have always held the view that Kallara B (cellar with maximum treasures) should never be opened as it will destroy the spiritual energy of the Temple.

Indians world over will heave a huge sigh of relief. Imagine a Temple from time immemorial, rebuilt by Raja Marthanda Varma of Travancore in 1750 – then one of the most powerful kings of South India, who subsequently bequeathed his Kingdom and all the treasures to Lord Padmanabhaswamy. He and his successors have since ruled Travancore thru the centuries only as “Padmanabhadasas” – meaning slaves of the lord. With all the best antiques, gold coins from Napoleonic times, to emeralds and the most precious stones, with a sublime Lord Vishnu in an Ananta Shayana pose – an awe inspiring Darshan. Such an institution was to be handed over to a state Govt run by Politicians, some of them communists and Atheists. Original case against the Royalty was filed in 2009 by a Computer operator at the ticketing counter of the Temple, another case by the General Secretary of the Unionised workers controlled by the politicians, another one by a practicing advocate who, a tenant in the Temple premises, was ordered to vacate the premises by the Temple management. Based on these complaints and the arguments thereof, high court of Kerala had ruled that Royal family rights had ceased to exist. They ordered the State Govt take over the Temple, open all the Cellars and itemise every piece of jewelry and valuables. Imagine such treasures in the hands of unionised workers, some corrupt politicians and their minion Babus!!!!!

This verdict further reaffirms the age old maxim – truth will prevail and outlive greed and fraud. Let us all be proud of the victory of honesty, of goodness and valour. Let us all help build a better society of love and care, devotion and concern, the honest way, the loving way, the SEEGOS way.