70th Birthday Cake at the Wasabi, one of many. Each memorable for the group I was with.….

And for a Friday of Nostalgia of the decades gone by, some thoughts….. some musings…..

The 60th birthday has a lot of significance to every individual, particularly in south India where attaining Shastipoorthy was considered a big achievement. In the modern busy world, very few will have the time and energy to look at someone who wants to celebrate 80. Hence crossing 7 decades, the 70th Birthday, is as good a time to look back, reminiscence and enjoy the seven decades passed by. The childhood schooling days in Pune, the college days in Bombay and all over, the family and career building years mostly in Kolkata and Mumbai and now the senior years in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. Ooppss….. Life has been a great roller coaster ride with many many happy moments and enjoyable times with people who loved and cared and the challenging times always found an anchor, a boatman who helped you cross the turbulence. It’s been great.

My generation, born in the fifties in post Independent India and some of us, by choice, decided to stay back in India and build our futures in a poor India, chaotic India and argumentative India, with all of its problems and opportunities, are probably unique global citizens today. Have weathered unbelievable hardships and shortages – standing in a serpentine queue with an aluminum embossed “Billa” to get three bottles of Aarey Milk bottles, book 180 for a Trunkcall…. hello ; hello ; hello …..wait …., hours to speak to someone in another city, the first 2-in-1 transistor tape recorder and B/W TV bought on monthly instalments from VGP in Gariahat, with two sureties to sign the contract. All this in spite of being an Asst. Regional Manager in a Tata Company with a princely basic salary of 4500 rs, with a company car and driver – Mehboob in full company uniform. Those were the early corporate days. Income tax @ 75%, CDS of 10%, take home pay was finally all the cash and allowances somehow adjusted. BUT, life was much simpler. None of this AI, IOT, ML, and instant gratifications. Life has come a great steep ascend. Enjoyable then and enjoyable now, depending on what you make of it.

India is no longer a poor country. Global citizens of Indian origin of my generation irrespective of his/her passport or station in life love being connected to India, the cooperative way, the caring way the SEEGOS way.