And for a Friday as Omicron spreads like wild fire, some thoughts….. some musings…..

The Booster dose in India termed as “Precautionary Dose ” for all frontline workers and those 60+ with comorbidities are given preference.

Undoubtedly the third wave of Corona is upon us. More than 2.5 lakh were infected in last 24 hours. All CMs of States and the PM have consented yesterday to adopt a pre-emptive, pro-active and collective approach to tackle this crisis. By all accounts, Omicron with its spike proteins and 32-36 mutations is almost five times more transmissible than the previous Delta variant. But thankfully, as most scientists across the world have confirmed, is less than 20% as lethal, particularly to those who are vaccinated.

No doubt the situation requires the authorities in charge to be spurred into action in preparations of Hospitals, Oxygen and extreme emergencies. But Babudom must not be allowed to adversely impact the economic activities which are already facing the tailwinds of Covid. Livelihood is equally important particularly of the poor, the marginalised, the daily wage earners and the migrants. Hence, while caution and preparations have to be upped along with speedier and further improvised vaccination drives, state Babudoms must be totally discouraged from any lockdowns and restrictions on inter-state travel of people and goods. Also, every Industry association has requested not to start classifying essential and nonessential goods, as also seating arrangements in offices. This is the ploy for local cops and enforcement people to harass citizens and demand bribes. State machinery should be fully focused on Vaccinations, our only weapon to fight this endemic.

Experts have opined that this third wave will peak in about 3 weeks in India and most probably by Feb end, the country will be relieved. Meanwhile, each of us must cooperate by CAB (Covid Appropriate Behaviour), the honest way, the caring way, the SEEGOS way.