Boeing 737 max 8 – Plane GROUNDED after Ethiopian Airlines crash
Courtesy Daily Express

And for a Friday, having arrived late yesterday night in Hyderabad….. some thoughts…..

Pangs of a fast growing changing economy – these days one has to undergo tremendous uncertainties and price swings in Air travel. You are not sure till the flight has taken off. All domestic airlines are in trouble. The best in class till recently, Jet Airways has cancelled almost 100 of its flights due to financial crunch. Indigo cancelled 40 flights – pilot shortage, Spice jet has 13 numbers 737 Max grounded on Wednesday, Air India – 17 aircrafts grounded for technical reasons – no spare parts.

India being one of the worlds largest Internet users, technology has bought some surprising benefits. Uber or Ola taxi rides are cheaper than driving your own car. Most times even petrol costs are not recovered by these App based taxi services. Flights are cheaper than train and sometimes Bangalore-Trivandrum flights are cheaper than the Volvo bus rides. But let not safety be compromised. The recent Ethiopian Airways Boeing 737 Max Jet crash following almost a similar incident four months ago of an Indonesian Lion Air flight has raised alarm bells all over. Use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) MCAS nose dipping technology to save fuel costs, AI and misalliance between Pilots and the Automated systems…. well, we still do not know the facts of the case. But Boeing 737 Max planes are all grounded in India and rightly so.

India is among the worlds leading IT superpowers and app based start ups. Bangalore is competing with Tel Aviv and California. Let us all support AI powered automated systems, be it in Aircrafts, driverless cars, or heating or cooling systems at home. But let no one be in a hurry to adopt new fangled technologies prematurely without adequate testing and training. Let us build a new Tech India the Ethical way, the Transparent way, the SEEGOS way.