And for a Friday at Frisco – Dallas in the United States of America some thoughts…..

Dallas Skyline

Dallas Skyline

I don’t understand why any concerns on making America Great AGAIN…… America is already great…. and the Number ONE Country in the World.

Honestly which other country can even consider themselves in the race?? China? Russia? Germany? Japan? None have the total bandwidth of a Global Super Power, anywhere near America and wishfully, what about India…. well…. well!!!!!!!

America has its Unique Model of attracting the best talent from across the globe, the “intellectual innovative power” of the IVY leagues in the US is almost unmatchable.

The Model of Free capitalism, where Capital is attracted by Market Forces. Just consider the example in Frisco of “$ 5 Billion Mile” near the Dallas north Tollway…. Dallas Cowboys are the Catalytic Investors setting up World Corporate HQs and Practise stadium for 1.5 Billion $s using 91Acres, quickly followed up Frisco Station….. Toyota….. and… and….. Feverish Construction and Economy push just in the last two years since my last visit. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

Can this Model be replicated in India? NO… NO… NO…. We are completely different, we are constitutionally a SOCIALIST Republic, our growth has to be Evolutionary…. building consensus amongst opposing and sometimes conflicting Interests Groups for the limited Capital the Country has.

Still, is it possible for us to be a Global Economic Power? YES…. YES…. YES….. provided we curb corruption. We have made excellent progress, but more could be done to build our country, the Ethical way…. the Rule of Law Way….. the SEEGOS way.