And for a Friday returning from Trivandrum, witness to two remarkable initiatives….. some thoughts, some musings…..

KK Shailaja – The Dynamic Health Minister of Kerala and the force behind the COVID 19 – Kerala Initiative…..

First and foremost, led by the State’s Dynamic Chemistry Teacher changed Health Minister – K. K. Shailaja, Kerala has become World Model in combating the aftermath of the COVID19, as early as January with the first trickle of news of the Virus from Wuhan. Kerala Govt got into combat mode – Rapid Response Team constituted with 18 Expert Groups to Monitor Home Quarantine, Contact tracing, Isolation, Logistics, Training, Counselling and Medicare. The health Minister declared her motto “will strive not to lose a single life to the Virus” and how well she led and conducted operations. Legend says she has been working from 6 AM to well past midnight. Her strength comes from the 20 minutes of Yoga, supported by media and cooperated by all sections of Society. The Keralites has done a tremendous job. Kudos to all involved.

The other development, a very pleasant surprise was Trivandrum. The city that sleeps early is a tag line I am so used to, but not any more. Nudged by the youngsters and pushed by Non Malayalee Techies, the Kerala Govt is undertaking a Pilot project in Trivandrum to make it a 24×7 city. The capital city will finally get a shot at buzzing night life, round the clock shopping, eateries and entertainment in the busier and commercially active centres in the city – corridor from Kesavadasapuram to East fort, Kazhakootam Technopark stretch, Shasthamangalam, Palayam etc. etc. Roll it on. Let Trivandrumites also join Mumbaikars and enjoy 24×7 night life.

India is a young country. Every city has Professionals from all over the World. Let’s all support a New India, 24×7 India, the healthy way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.