And for a Friday, attending an Indo-US Global wedding in the marriage Capital of India, New Delhi…. some thoughts….

Delhi Power SupplyNew Delhi, compared to any other city in India, is the preferred Marriage destination, to what is now globally marketed as the “Big Indian Monsoon Weddings”. Justifiably so, cos the Event Managers are so innovative and the decorations and settings out of this world…. unbelieavable. Guess the labour comes much cheaper from the hutment colonies surrounding Delhi.

Dharavi in Mumbai is acclaimed as the largest slum in Asia but the hutment colonies of Delhi – the “BASTIS” are no less…. often the first port of entry for poor jobless migrant villagers, controlled by Mafias & Political Warlords.

Civic infrastructure is almost non-existent in these BASTIS and whatever is there is all illegal. Power losses, India loses almost 60,000 crores each year to Power theft and now, Indian Jugaad has found an innovative Solution!!

Tata Power JV in Delhi had huge problems of theft, their staff were beaten up, tied, urinated on and sometimes the company staff who were disconnecting illegal hookups from Electric Poles, the ladders would be pulled away till the Jugaad solution…. to employ the hutment women as Bill Collectors, called “Abhaas” (Light in Sanskrit ). More than 800 women from deep inside these colonies with salaries ranging from 4 to 12 thousand a month, these Special Women employees would persuade, cajole, coax, nag….. do whatever, use the weaknesses of the antisocial elements to their advantage. Results…. more than 200{aff5a224634bf574f692c8c7d068a0713fecca4ea38a30d3005107227dbb12e7} improvement in Revenue and Active connections.

World Bank, impressed with the results, is trying similar initiatives in Jamaica and Kenya.

India has a lot to offer the World, within the limitations of a free Democracy, in Soft power, Entertainment and Services Industry, the entrepreneurial skills, the Frugal innovation techniques, illiterate but quickly trainable labour and cutting edge high Computing and world class Cloud and Digital Technology Sourcing Power.

Over Last 70 years of Independence, India is accelerating. The Honest and hard working are slowly but surely inching over the Corrupt & Powerful.

Lets all get together to build a better India….. the Jugaad Innovation way….. the Honest way….. the SEEGOS way.