And for a Friday returning home to Aamchi Mumbai….. Namma Bengluru….. Ente Thiruvanthapuram….. some thoughts….. some wishes…..

Best in class services – Qatar Airways – The Q-suite Business class cabin…..

How much international travelling has changed for the better and so much more comfortable. Qatar Airways have redesigned their Business class as Q-suites – very private, comfortable, personalised services and Doha Airport for US transit is fabulous. Preparing for the World cup Football, the country has invested hugely in Airport Infrastructure. And returning to India, thanks to the liberalised rules, no arrival forms to be filled and no harassment at the Customs Counter. All passengers allowed to pass thru Green Channel. Passengers are trusted to be honest and rightly so. Also, no need to carry the duty free whisky bottles all the way from abroad. Buy on arrival at almost similar charges but so much more comfortable.

Indians availing vacations and visiting US destinations for entertainment, family etc. used to be the Privilege of a chosen few “Super Affluent”. Not any more. Professionals and Middle class Indians are now dominant in US. Indians are now the third largest Immigrants after Mexicans and Chinese – almost 4 million and adding. But the difference – Indian Americans are the most successful ethnicity with highest median Income and highest Education. 77% of Indians above age 25 have a college degree and more than half of them are Post graduates. Indians are 8% of Americas Medical Doctors and 20% of all Start ups in Silicon Valley founded by Indians. As and when “Family based” visa are replaced by the new “Merit based” visa rules – function of Skills, knowledge of English and ability to assimilate – Indians will get a further boost.

No matter what, for every Indian Origin Foreigner, no matter which Passport he/she has, there is a genuine yearning to the Indian soil, the Indian Masala, chaos and colour are just too attractive. Lets together build a even better India, a Developed India, the cooperative way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.