And for a Friday after the very absorbing Webinar by BCCI, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Anna Hazare – India against Corruption….. forgotten crusader.

BCCI ( Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry ) is doing yeomen service promoting awareness for improving Ethics and Good Governance practices in Industry. The old PCA of 1988 has been amended to Prevention of Corruption Act 2018 with some very interesting clauses. The Private sector Corporation or Employee who is proven to be the “Giver” will face imprisonment. India has signed the UN Convention against Corruption resolution and the country is bound to take steps to curb corruption. It is important for all corporates and senior executives to understand the nuances of the new law. Whilst permission from the appointing authority is needed for investigation against Govt functionaries, no such protection is available to Private sector corporates. Hence Professionals must be extremely vigilant and ensure that implicitly or explicitly, they must not be party to any unethical business deals. The CEO must set absolutely unambiguous tone at the top and organisations must establish “Adequate Measures” seen and heard, loud and clear throughout the Organisation. Pharma and Vaccine companies, be aware.

The current Pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of our public health and Babudom in administration. The poor and vulnerable are most impacted by corruption. Hence it is imperative that all of us, honest professionals, be it from the Govt, public or Private sector, brace ourselves to meet the challenges in reviving our economy. Let’s develop a National Plan which will guarantee smooth and equitable availability of the Covid Vaccines. Let’s finalise the pricing mechanism which ensures fair profits but no profiteering for the producer companies, transportation, cold chain and storage logistics so that the most deserving front line Covid warriors, Doctors, Nurses, Para medical, Police, Senior Citizens, vulnerable groups etc. etc. get the first available lots. A well thought of and coordinated Master plan must be readied. Let there be no scope for corruption or nepotism.

With our huge population and the highly infectious nature of the Virus, unfortunately, India will overtake US and become the number One in the world in the next few weeks. But let the Vaccine management change the tide. Let’s handle the Vaccines distribution the scientific way, the equitable way, the SEEGOS way.