And for a Friday as Unlock 1.0 gets underway across the country, some thoughts….. some musings…..

India’s successful timely Lockdown, scientific and professional medical and infrastructure
management has kept Pandemic in control even after 90 days of the Pandemic.

We have been inundated by the troubles and tribulations caused by COVID-19. But the Black Swan has also ripped open the underbelly of the world. It has shamed one Country and some Global leaders and shown how hollow some of the perceptions of the Developed countries were in contrast is the Indian scenario. Our scientific temper, our qualified scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, Microbiologists, Bio-technologists etc. etc., each of them Professional, Passionate and Performing, listening and understanding. From them the scope and intensity of scientific work done – Indian response when China and the world were unwilling/unable to supply testing facilities in early March. How quickly we developed and scaled up the testing kits, equipments, protocol, methodologies and to undertake development and training, is mind boggling and phenomenal as explained by Dr. Priya Abraham of National Institute of Virology, Pune. A network of VRDL (Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratory) was developed in last 90 days – first developed to 13 labs – trained and fully operational and then scaled up to more than 291 labs across the country. Hats off to these scientists, technicians and lab staff and all others associated with them. India is rightly proud of them. We are almost self sufficient and can help other developing countries.

I am surprised by media reports and TV headlines screaming of India’s COVID-19 case numbers rising. There is nothing shocking or worrying about it. Numbers will rise. It’s a Pandemic. If USA, UK, France and Japan have no medical answers and their numbers are increasing, with 1352 Million people in our country, our infections just crossed 2 lakh plus with 6000 deaths. We are 7th ranked in the world, behind USA, Brazil, Russia, UK, Spain and Italy. The combined population of all these countries is less than 65% of India’s. So we may get the dubious distinction of still going up the charts, maybe number 2 or 3. That’s a function of the Infectiousness of the Virus. But we will take care. Our recovery rates are the highest and we must ensure our loss of lives is the lowest, protect our most vulnerable, take all precautions and continue to work to break the infection chain.

What cannot be cured has to be endured. So till we get the vaccine and it is easily available to all, no point in worrying about Statistics. Let’s learn to “live with the Virus” with Face-mask, Physical Distancing and hand wash. Let’s all support the country to move into unlock 2.0, rebuild our Economy the planned way, the safe way, the SEEGOS way.