And for a Friday in Bangkok attending a Strategy Conference, some musings….. some thoughts…..

Rama Viii Bridge, Bangkok

Bangkok is a fabulous Business Conference and as much a Holiday destination. Value for Money Luxury Hotels, good shopping, lovely Beaches, excellent cuisine and ofcourse the choicest of Massages.

Lots have changed from my first visit in early seventies and thru my many many visits – six lane Freeways, Monorail, Global Shopping Malls – and lots have remained the same, like Patpong street, Global tourists, roadside food, Traffic snarls, Poverty and the bane of all developing countries….. CORRUPTION.

Transparency International has just released Corruption Perception Index for 2017. Thailand is ranked 96 out of 180 countries, interestingly with tally score 37/100 and is close to India’s score of 40/100 ranked 81 out of 180 countries. Thailand loses out cos of “No Democracy”, limit to Press Freedom, low participation of Public in Policy Making, well may be. The opposite is true for India still ranking a dismal 81/180.

Every Country is blessed with some natural resources and strengths. Bangkok and Thailand have the most Hospitable, friendly and caring citizens. Hospitality comes naturally to the Thais. That’s why Tourism is the number one Industry. Let us all recognise the strengths of our Great Nation. Let us all try to minimise Corruption. Let us build a Corruption Reduced India, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.