groceriesThe Press Conference this week by “India ka Growth Icon” Baba Ramdev was indeed a wake-up call for all MNCs operating in India. Looking at the scorching pace of growth of Patanjali products
2011-12 – 446 crores
2014-15 – 2006 crores
2015-16 – 5000 crores
and hold your breath – target for 2016-17, TEN thousand crores…. of tooth pastes, shampoos, noodles, etc. etc.

This shows the potential in our country with the ever growing aspirational “Lower and Middle Income” class not only in the big cities but also the Tier 2, 3 towns and districts.

There are lessons for the MNCs, just getting the last mile Advt and Branding -“Market-Access”, without any long term investment in India, in world class manufacturing and R&D, can easily be displaced by Innovative Local Strategies.

More and more MNCs want to have “Post-Office” CEOs in India who can wield no Power or Authority, just dance to the tunes of their Global Masters, outsource manufacturing to small time captive producers, sell all assets in India and keep the balance sheet “clean”. These will surely fall by the way side.

If Patanjali continues its Growth Strategy as reported, then by next year they will be ahead of Nestle, Colgate, Procter & Gamble etc. etc.

India is Unique, India is hungry and growing. We need the good MNCs as much as we need the Patanjalis, all to support Nation Building, the SEEGOS way.