And for a Friday after Union budget announced India’s Target….. a $ 5 Trillion Economy in next 5 years…..

My friend Rudrakumar always follows sustainable Agriculture….. Record Sugarcane…..

Its a Stretch and Challenging Target but eminently achievable. Whilst all sectors of the economy have to fire equally, the defining sector is Agriculture. Contributing only 16% to Indian GDP, more than 60% of the population is dependent on this sector, defined by excess supply of low skilled labour, whereas modern Agriculture needs technicians comfortable with Agri machines and with high productivity to be competitive globally. Hence we need to skill the low skilled and the unskilled must be made semi skilled and absorbed in Construction, Hospitality, logistics etc. etc. Millions of jobs can be created.

10,000 FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisation) is planned. May each one of them target to be like “Sahyadri Farms” in Nasik consisting of more than 8000 marginal and small holding farmers who together have set up modern farming – inputs supply, cold storage, food processing machinery etc. etc. producing Safe Quality farm output as per International standards with traceability features or be Agri Entrepreneurs like my ex-colleague Ghadiya. In his farm in Amareli Dist in Saurashtra, he breeds Gir Cows and Jafarabadi Buffalos native to his district, prepares pure best quality Cow Ghee by the traditional Bilona Method and has a ready market even at 2000 Rs. per Kg.

Indian farmers are Smart, entrepreneurial and hardworking. They don’t need doles, freebies and hand-me-downs. They need Professional Management, Technology and Capital. Lets all support India’s Development with Sustainable Agriculture, the Technological way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.