Mayank Gandhi pledges for water management in Beed – Courtesy Ketto

And for another Friday, marvelling at Incredible India….. Incredible people – Mayank Gandhi, Parli Project, Technology Rural India….. some thoughts…..

Worlds Largest – 462 mn Indian Workforce predominantly in Rural India in Agriculture and Construction. Use of Technology must change the face of Rural India and one day it will….. due the perseverance, commitment and hard work of people like Mayank Gandhi and his Parli Project.

Some of us cocooned in the luxuries and comforts of Urban India or in US, UK, Dubai and oblivious to the suffering of others, pontificate on what the Villagers should do. Not Mayank and his team. The Parli project in drought affected Beed District of Maharashtra is a laboratory where techniques are being developed which can be scaled up to the Entire Nation….. E-Learning in schools, water conservation, Introduction of PoS, UPI (BHIM) and Cashless Economy.

Incredible India – Whitefield Bangalore, Gurugram, Tech centres in Hyderabad, Technology park in Trivandrum – is abuzz with hyperactivity….. research in fourth Industrial Revolution, Robotics, Big data Analytics, Augmented Reality, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence etc. etc.

Let us all be supportive of developing India the Agrarian tech way, the Industrial Revolution way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.