The Infographic depicts what can be…But what is it now?

Each component of society and each of the four pillars of democracy are shadow boxing and blaming each other. The idea of a unified India ceases to exist

Most people work only for their own selfish motives of “SAANU KEE” — “WHATS IN IT FOR ME?”

Majority of the voices you encounter when you go out on the streets include

“What constitution? Who is following?”

“I am helpless, nobody bothers – then why should I?”

“Look at the salary of the Civil Services. When I retire I can’t even afford a barsaati in Delhi.”

“Who will take care of my Family? Lets be practical – corruption is the only facilitator that works.”

“If I don’t do it, my competitor will do it and I will lose business.”

“Its all well for you to talk – if I don’t pay, my business will shut and my family will be on the streets. Who will help me then?”

By joining the SEEGOS Momentum, every citizen has to commit to individual integrity and promises not to use corruption as a competitive tool.

To empower citizens to fight corruption, SEEGOS offers the following inputs:

  • SEEGOS Guide to Fighting Corruption – helps the citizen develop a Personal Corruption Index (PCI).
  • SEEGOS Guide to Right to Information Act (RTI) – the most advanced information legislation in the world.
  • Messages for School Children from the former President – Dr. Abdul Kalam – his love for school children is legendary.
  • Seminars on Ethics and Values for professionals – MBAs, Chartered Accountant, Architects, Doctors, etc. – SEEGOS can provide content and slides for the seminars.
  • Guidance and support to the owners of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) who commit to the SEEGOS Mission – manual suggesting various measures which would help MSME owners to grow and prosper.
  • SEEGOS CEO Advisory Services for MNCs subsidiaries and listed Companies in India. (The New companies act is applicable from 1 April 2014) – SEEGOS could be the sounding board to help the CEO navigate his Company to achieve stakeholders’ expectations.