And for a Friday after the absorbing and intense 3-day Synergia Conclave, some thoughts….. some musings…..

With Tobby Simon, Founder & President, Synergia Foundation

My friend Tobby Simon, the Founder President of Synergia and his Team – fantastic effort and total commitment to a non-partisan, high quality research. Drawing on their wide National and international network, Synergia has worked in both traditional and non traditional security areas and helped mitigate a number of issues that needed interdisciplinary thinking at the highest Policy making levels. At the conclave, the absorbing theme “The Future of Security: Beyond the Curve” had a Galaxy of the World’s Who’s Who – over 150 Global Policy makers, strategic security practitioners, industry leaders and Academicians – assembled at the Taj West End in Bangalore.

Topics covered were Security Cyber space, 5-G, AI, Cloud, Industry 4.0, Gepolitical uncertainty, Future of Manufacturing, US-China trade war and its implications for India, Resolving conflicts in Cyberspace, Democracy and Nationalism, Reimagining Intelligence, Drones etc. etc. The depth and knowledge of the Speakers from all over the World was mesmerising….. the perils of the Dark Web and threats of Hackers and Cyber terrorists. Internet has no doubt made life easy and comfortable – 2G Basic phone, 3G Faster phones, e-mails, 4G Smart phones, High speed Internet and now the 5-G. Its much much more than just another G. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud computing Block chain etc. etc., life will change like never before.

All of us, the pre-sixties generation from the black non working “Hello Hello” phones, let us welcome the revolution, but be well prepared. Let’s take all precautions and be wary but comfortable, the knowledge way, the technological way, the SEEGOS way.