Temple_TragedyThis Friday my thoughts with the bereaved families of the temple tragedy in Kollam – Kerala.

It was a huge AVOIDABLE human tragedy leaving more than 100 confirmed dead and many, many more injured for life.

As citizens, is it not our right to believe there is someone in the System responsible for our safety and well being?

Banning crackers or not allowing people to congregate in large numbers is most ridiculous.

Our modern life comforts require chemical manufacturers to handle very many volatile chemicals. There are established SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures for handling even the most dangerous chemicals like Isocyanates, Ethyleneoxides, Peroxides and other explosive chemicals. But the necessary expertise and precautions have to be exercised.

In any responsible organisation, this accident must lead to a RCA – Root Cause Analysis to fix responsibility and pinpoint the causative factors.

If it were a Company, someone Senior will be held accountable and the price paid so that there can never be another similar accident.

Let us all be active in enforcing discipline and supporting all processes and systems which operate on the highest ethical standards.

Live the SEEGOS way