And for a Friday in the IC era (In Corona), other eras are BC era (Before Corona) and AC era (After Corona)….. some thoughts….. some musings…..

Socially close….. physically one metre distance…..

Statistics, as of the day, 21,700 total infected cases, 686 deaths nationwide, 1,86,372 global deaths, don’t mean anything. Suddenly I am jolted when my friend loses his Mother to COVID19. My own very close relatives become suspect and undergo Tests. One sleepless night later, tested negative. Oooff…. big relief. This Virus is here to stay and we have got to learn to live with it lurking in our backyards. Take all precautions till the Vaccine or Drug is available. 12 months, 18, 24, your guess as good as the Experts. Chancellor Merkel told the German Parliament – we all have to be caring and take care of our Older citizens. We owe our lives to our Parents and Grandparents. So Germany is supporting speedy Global research of Vaccine and Drugs at affordable prices so as to enable not only the rich, but also poor Nations to save their citizens.

My family Doctor in South Mumbai got inflicted and now back to work after hospitalisation. He said it’s a Professional hazard we all have to accept. Till the drug is found, every individual is a Candidate – no exceptions. Amongst various insides he shared with me, one most important for all of us to take immediate action – let us not differentiate any one on caste, creed, language or any difference. Let us all fight together. Every COVID19 patient and his relatives must be given all support and encouragement. DO NOT ostracise the Patient or his/her Relatives. Residential Societies and complexes must incorporate relevant rules and encourage people to report earliest if infection occurs. During treatment, support the family and welcome when the patient returns home from hospital.

We can tell stories of our Vacation trips in the BC era. We have no idea when the AC era will start. Meanwhile, let’s us all be safe, be happy, supporting each other, the caring way, the loving way, the SEEGOS way.