And for a Friday with two contrasting Images, 100% super placements and Contract Workers on rampage, some thoughts….. some musings…..

The multinational factory in Tumkur

India is a land of extreme contradictions. For every statement made, the opposite could also be true. Just last week most of our reputed Management Institutes have announced 100% excellent placements, with average salaries of 20 to 25 lakhs per annum. Of course the toppers and some with international postings have crossed even 70 lakhs. Whilst in Tumkur In Kolar District of Karnataka, a very modern and new international company manufacturing world renowned brand of mobile phones, suffered heavy damage as young workers in the 20-25 age group were made to work for 12 hour shifts, including Night shifts and allegedly they did not receive their wages for months together. Management claims they have paid. How could a Factory bordering a large Metropolis like Bangalore employ more than 5000 casual workers with less than 1500 regulars? How was the contractor allowed to bring in so many casual workers? How did all the stake holders connive and beat the regulatory systems? These are being investigated and we await the answers.

India is at the crossroads. Our Politicians, Bureaucrats, Policymakers, Industrialists, Professionals and every honest citizen must question and contribute to the Development and Growth strategy of the country. How do we create wealth and Capital in the country, the Honest way? How do we check and stem the concept of Entitlement? The Rich Politician’s children cannot be in the Business of making money with impunity. The Rich and unscrupulous businessmen cannot be allowed to bribe their way to success by choking competition. The current HAVES must contribute to raising the living standards of our fellow 100 million BPL citizens.

As of today we are still “In-COVID” times, learning to live with the Virus lurking around. Let us continue to be vigilant and prepare for the Global opportunities in the Post-COVID era, the Innovative way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.