tataAnd for a Friday ……driving past Bombay House in Mumbai….. some thoughts….

Incredible India…. Incredible times we are in…. who would ever have thought that James Bond will advertise for PAN BAHAR and in the wildest of imaginations the House of TATAS be accused of lack of Corporate Governance?

For every upper middle class Indian, there will be some Family member who had worked, is working or has aspired to work for the TATAS.

You have MNCs, TNCs, Business houses, Conglomerates, etc. etc…. but TATAS were a class apart. In size and dimension they could be only compared to the Zaibatsus of Japan or the Chaebols of Korea. But in terms of Ethics and Governance they stand Head and shoulders above all.

From Salt to Software with Jewellery and Steel thrown in, from hospitality to Finance with Chemicals, TATAS are there Globally – omnipresent in all sectors.

Nobody believed the first time the news of the Cyrus sacking went around. We all said it’s a PRANK. But sadly, it turned out to be true causing disbelief and dismay amongst employees and shock and remorse to all TATA Admirers.

For some like me, who started as Management Trainees in TATAS in the seventies, the principles, Values and Business Ethics as a TATA culture is so ingrained, our DNA is based on the firm belief that as CEOs we are Trustees for Sustainable Development.

I hope and pray the issues get sorted out. I wish and plead to all parties to Resolve the issues in-house in camera. If it escalates, there can be no Winners – only Losers.

My friend Deepak Parekh of HDFC put it aptly “Saddened to see how the issue is panning out. It is damaging India Inc’s reputation”.

We need a million jobs per month, we need all the Components of the Economy Woking at full throttle. Let’s help build our Nation….. the SEEGOS Way