And for a a Friday after the release of the National Education Policy – NEP2020, some thoughts….. some musings…..

With Vice Chancellors who deliberated in one of many Workshops across the country on
Draft Education Policy last year

After 34 years, we must welcome the new National Education Policy which hopefully will propel our coming generations into the higher Global orbit, better prepared and with much higher skill sets and competencies to take on not only the country’s challenges, but the Global New Order. Schooling to be reorganised in 5+3+3+4 format. Nursery education at age 3 and kids 3-6 years will come under school curriculum. Early child education, so crucial to the development of mental faculties, will also become part of the RTE. Hopefully, the current Exam heavy Rote oriented education will be replaced by much higher flexibility and skills sets to students. Artificial compartmentalisation of Arts, Sciences and Commerce streams is disbanded. Even Sports and Music Arts included as subjects. Full autonomy to top 200 Educational Institutions. Foreign Universities can set base in India, +++ many good changes.

The Devil is in the Implementation. Let not political, chauvinistic and divisive agendas gain any foothold. We must be vigilant. Three language formula is fully restored and new policy gives option to the states. Rather than insisting on Hindi as per the earlier draft, which met huge opposition in South and East India, promotion of Mother tongue or Regional language does not translate into an assault on English Medium Schools. Today, the poorest of the poor too want their children to study English. Merging of UGC, AICTE, NCTE etc. etc. into a single Regulator is a good move. But we must have only well reputed Educationists with highest integrity and experience as the Regulator and not some stooge of the Political system which will breed Nepotism and Corruption. Education really deserves less Government and more Governance.

The Goal of the Policy is to improve High School Graduates going to University Education from current 26% to 50%. This will require lot of partnerships and synergies. Let us all help to build our Nation, the Educational way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.