And for a Friday in a world shaken up by the COVID-19, a World that will never be same as before, some thoughts….. some resolve…..

Social Distance – Kerala style….. disciplined distance to purchase alcohol at the Govt. Liquor shop.

Our PM has made an Emotional appeal (let’s forget politics and our differences ) and beseeched every citizen in the country to show Restraint, Resolve, have patience and cooperate to ensure the success of the Huge 1.3 billion people Experiment for National strategy of Social Distancing. Whilst there is no need to Panic, let us also be aware that the crisis is potentially larger than World War 1 and 2 and all other natural calamities so far. It’s an unseen Enemy with enormous destructive power, stealthily but surely moving ahead against humanity, destroying economies and possibly countries. We must break it and as PM assures, break we will if all of us act as ONE. The Experiment on Sunday March 22nd – “People Curfew” – the Nation stays indoors and at exactly 5 pm on the siren, we pour out into the Balconies, windows and Courtyards, applauding our Medical, paramedical, hospitality, logistic and every essential service people who are risking their lives for us – for our safety. Let’s take part in this National Experiment. We could prove to the a world the will of the Nation to fight united.

Thanks to the interconnected world we live in, all of us are aware of COVID-19 Dos and Donts. But most important, let us resolve not to forward any negative Whatsapp messages that are alarming, unsubstantiated and sources unknown. Let us be responsible to our family and our nation. Scientific facts can be repeated. COVID-19 possibility is only if you have returned from infected areas abroad or come in direct contact with infected person. So if we strictly practice Social Distancing (SD) and keep indoors for next two weeks, wash our hands exhaustively as demonstrated with soap and water and keep personal hygiene, we will be fine. No need to wear a mask if one is healthy. You need mask only if sick or are tending to a patient. No harm in eating healthy cooked food…. Veg or Non-veg, your choice. But avoid Malls, Crowded Restaurants and Multiplexes. Do not expose yourself. Avoid all nonessential travel by train, bus, taxi or air and just don’t socialise.

Let’s keep ourselves happy and jovial. Let’s make the best use of Social Distancing. Read, enjoy humour and support each other .the Resolute way, the considerate way, the SEEGOS way.